Pest Control

Keep your Home and Family Safe from Bugs!

Are you experiencing a problem with pest control? Our team at Hope Pest Solutions wants to keep everyone free from any pest infestations. Our specialized pest control team will provide you with amazing results against ants, roaches, rats, termite, mosquitoes, and so much more. Our promise to you and your family is this: your home’s pest control is our business! Maintaining a healthy home, free from bugs and pests is our business! Hope Pest Solutions will use their professional skills to solve your all your current pest issues, and rid your hope from bugs and rodents.

Our pest control packages gives you the choice of picking the best pest service for your budget. Hopes pest control packages included affordable options for what your looking for; do you currently have a bug issue or are you looking for a preventive program? Hope’s programs are designed to minimizing any risks to your family and the environment by customizing your service, we achieve this safety measure by following Hope’s 4 Step Solution.


  1. Identify the Problem– Every pest is different; their diet, habitats, and living conditions. Training and education is important for the success of a quick knockdown of all pest problems giving you the comfort of living in a pest free home.
  2. Plan the Solution– Your specialized technician will develop the best solution for your home against the pest in your home. A well crafted solution will eliminate the possibilities of spreading the pest problem in other areas of the home and reduce the chances of re-population of nasty pest.
  3. Customize the Approach- Every visit your pest technician will provide the proper preventive treatments on your home and re-evaluate your previous pest problems to make sure those pest never come back into your home again. Season, weather, and location of the pest’ every home, every visit, and conditions are different. Hope pest control vehicles maintains proper equipment and inventory to solve any pest problems you may have.
  4. Manage the Application– A preventative program is key to maintain a pest free home; Pest treatments and communication with you. Sometimes your home needs some correction to help solve your pest problems; top window sash slides down, gutters need cleaning, bushes need to be trimmed, etc. Your technician will always provide you a solution to a problem.

Utilizing Hope Pest Solutions’s 4-Step Solution allows us to be great stewards to our environment, and it solves all your pest and insect problems!

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Hope’s Pest Control Packages


Our budget friendly program is great for homeowners that want to live in a home free of bugs, but do not want to break the bank.

This package includes:

  • ​Year Round Pest Control
  • ​Custom Exterior Package
  • Courtesy Follow Ups
  • Re-treatment if Pests come back.

Bronze Package Starts at ​just $29 Per Month

SILVER SERVICE LEVELHOPE SILVER Now $249  (savings of $351!)

If you own a home and you want to protect your largest investment, this is the best package! The Silver Package includes BUNDLED SAVINGS!

This package includes:

  • Rodent Control in your Living Space​
  • Termite Bait System
  • Retreat and Repair Home Warranty!
  • Year-Round Pest Control
  • Courtesy Follow Ups
  • ​Custom Exterior & Interior Package

$49 Per Month, Includes Bundled Discount

GOLD SERVICE LEVELHOPE GOLD Now $179  (​savings of $400!)

The Gold Package is provides you the comfort knowing that your home is protected from bugs and termites, this great bundled program includes MOSQUITOES!

This package includes:

  • Year Round Pest Control
  • Courtesy Follow Ups
  • Retreatment if Pest come Back
  • Rodent Control in your Living Space
  • Termite Bait System
  • Retreat and Repair Home Warranty
  • Mosquito Reduction
  • ​Fire Ant Reduction

$99 Per Month Includes Bundled Discount