Mosquito Control Service

Enjoy Your Yard Again!

Select image for pest control servicesSlap! Ouch! Slap! Is this the sound on your patio each summer? Have mosquitoes become such a problem that they actually keep you from enjoying your yard during some of the nicest times of the year? Let Hope Pest Solutions seasonal mosquito program help you take back your yard.

How we treat for mosquitoes:

1. Thorough Inspection: ​We conduct an in-depth inspection allowing our Service Pro to identify mosquito resting areas along with environmental conditions for mosquito development. Once the inspection is finished, the proper treatments will be implemented so you can enjoy your property.

Mosquito Service Cartersville

Areas of Growth for Mosquitoes

2. Pinpoint their Resting Areas: Our misting application will quickly knockdown mosquitoes where they rest during the heat of the day. Our treatments include dense foliage, tree lines, landscape areas, along with under eves and decks.

​3. Treat the Development Areas: ​A granular growth regulator application is applied in areas that are conducive to breeding and hatching of new mosquitoes such as bird baths, areas of standing water, etc. This application inhibits the development process of the mosquito, reducing the number of adult mosquitoes on the property.

Give us a call at 770-473-7233 and be Mosquito – Free! Mosquito Treatments give you your yard back!