Lawn Insect Control

Do you need Insect Control for Your Lawn?

Fire Ant Control: Fire ants are no doubt a major pest throughout the southern states. They reproduce rapidly, create unsightly mounds in your yard, and can pose a significant health hazard to your family and pets with their aggressive, painful stings.

Let the “Ant Experts” at Hope Pest Solutions treat your yard with guaranteed results, utilizing specially formulated baits that will get rid of these aggressive pests.

Smart Choice: 4 for 3 Lawn Control Treatments

There are insects that are harmful to your lawn, such as army worms, spittle bugs, grubs, mole crickets along with many more. There are also insects harmful to your pets and your family such as fleas, ticks, and fire ants. Let Hope Pest Solutions protect your family, pets and your lawn with our Smart Choice 4 for 3 Lawn Insect Treatment program. We provide 4 lawn treatments for the cost of 3!

How it works: We make 4 insect control applications (Liquid or Granular), usually on a quarterly basis. The beauty is if you want us to come back and treat sooner, we just add it as one of your 4 services, once your 4 services are completed, we can start another cycle.