Crawlspace Moisture Control (Encapsulation)

Crawlspace Moisture Control Services
When was the last time you were in your home’s crawlspace? If you are like most people the answer is probably never. Most people with a crawlspace home really don’t understand that a failure to maintain this area can, and will, lead to a multitude of issues, issues that could have a major impact on your family’s health, and the overall health of your home.

Studies by the government and independent agencies show that up to 40% of the air inside your home comes from your crawlspace, more so if your HVAC system is located there. Your HVAC system, located in your crawlspace, is simply an air handler moving things like mold, dust, and other pathogens throughout your home causing an unhealthy environment.

Other problems that can result from a poorly maintained crawlspace:

Moisture, in any form, is your home’s worst enemy! In your crawlspace, issues like standing water, condensation on duct-work, and insulation, can lead to mold development on the walls and floor system in this area. Eventually, this moisture can lead to warping of floors, rotting floor joist, and poor air quality inside the home.

Pest and Rodent Issues
Bugs and Critters are naturally attracted to dark areas, add moisture, and your crawlspace becomes the perfect place to nest. Issues with rodents can especially have a negative effect as their droppings and urine can create unhealthy air quality inside the home.

Outside Air
Some people find this hard to believe, but when you bring outdoor air into the crawl space, the humidity actually goes up. When outside air enters the crawl space, it cools down. Cool air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air, so the outside air that enters is now closer to its saturation point. This causes the humidity to rise, creating an even higher moisture level in the crawlspace.

Let the Experts at Hope Pest Solutions help you solve these issues. Our HealthySpace program offers Crawlspace Encapsulation as a long-term solution to moisture and mold, along with other issues, in your crawlspace. This process usually involves sealing off crawlspace vents, placing a vapor barrier in and around the space, and along exterior walls, and on the dirt floor of the crawlspace. We then seal all the seams with a poly tape, making it air-tight.

Sometimes the installation of a dehumidifier, extra drains, or a sump pump are necessary to control moisture on a consistent basis. Once we complete our initial evaluation, we will have the information necessary to design and discuss a program that will effectively maintain a HealthySpace.

Benefits of an Encapsulated Crawlspace (HeathySpace)
• Air Quality – Encapsulated crawlspaces provide improved air quality and less dust inside your home, versus a vented crawlspace.
• Lower Energy Bills – Research shows that Encapsulated Crawlspaces can reduce energy bills by up to 20%
• Reduce the possibility of costly floor repairs – Moisture in the crawlspace is the enemy of your floor system. An Encapsulated Crawlspace greatly reduces the possibility of warped floors and rotting floor joists.
• Increase the value of your home – Homes with Encapsulated Crawlspaces are more attractive to buyers and often offer higher selling prices compared to those with dirt crawlspaces.

Call Hope Pest Solutions @ 770-473-7233 for a free crawlspace evaluation and let our Experts help create your HealthySpace.