Built-In Pest Control

Built In Pest Control (Tubes In The Wall)

It is a fact: unwanted pests use our walls to access our homes. Just think …… roaches, ants, earwigs and other pest are using your walls to live and yes nest in. Not only that but they use your plumbing pipes and wiring in your walls as the freeway to move about to different areas of your home.

Well, you may have a way to fend off these bugs in their hiding place and not even know it. If you have a home built in the late 90’s up thru today there is a chance it was built with “Built In Pest Control” placed in it during construction.

What is Built-In Pest Control?

Built-in Pest Control is a series of perforated tubes placed in the walls throughout the house during construction and routed to an access port on the exterior. The access port is used by the technician to apply the pest control material to the home, without coming inside.

Built-In Pest Control kills the pests where they live, in your walls, so you never see them and since the entire service (in wall application and exterior service) is completed on the outside it makes it more convenient because you, the homeowner, does not have to be there for service.

If you are unsure if your home has “Built-In Pest Control”, just give us a call at 770-473-7233 and we will come check for you.

Advantages of Built In Pest Control

SAFE- Since all the materials are placed inside the walls there is no exposure to adults, kids, or your four-legged kids.

AFFORDABLE- Built-In Pest Control Services are competitive with standard treatment programs

CONVENIENT- No need to schedule an appointment, the service is completed on the exterior of the house.

So, If your “At the End of Your Rope, Call Hope!” All of our services are covered by the Hope Pest Solutions Guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied we will continue to come back at no charge until you are…..it’s that simple.